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3 Products

Spikes & isolation pads from Teufel

Spikes and isolation pads are a great way to optimize your sound. By either coupling or decoupling the speaker to or from the floor, cabinet vibrations are minimized. The result is more natural playback.

How spikes work

Their tapered form allows spikes to guide vibrations from the speaker to the floor where they are dispersed. The special form also prevents vibrations originating from the floor from moving up to the speaker. The result is a minimization of enclosure vibrations and a cleaner sound.
Spikes are normally mounted on metal discs to prevent damage to the floor. Spikes can also help correct for an uneven floor as they can be individually adjusted to different heights.

How isolation pads work

Isolation pads – sometimes also referred to as "damper pads" -- can also reduce unwanted vibrations for a clearer sound. They do this by decoupling the speaker from the floor where the vibrations can be compounded and re-transferred to the speaker cabinet, leading to a smeared sound image. Isolation pads made from synthetic materials are used to minimize the vibrations created by the speaker. Isolation pads can be used with just about any speaker.

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