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THX speakers

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3 Products

Why THX?

The THX standard is a reliable seal of approval for particularly high-quality sound experiences for film sound and music. The reproduction corresponds to the specifications of the sound engineer.

THX-certified speakers guarantee:
  • Three identical & tonal identical front speakers with extremely low tolerances for a homogeneous, precise reproduction.
  • Maximum low distortion at high levels for consistently clean, detailed sound.
  • An almost straight frequency response for a distortion-free reproduction.
  • Dipole loudspeaker as a rear loudspeaker: A precisely defined radiation pattern for a wide listening zone for several listeners.
  • THX speaker sets achieve cinema-like high, distortion-free levels for authentic reproduction.
  • THX-certified sets (THX speakers and THX AV receivers) work together instantly for optimal performance. All settings (crossover frequency, THX reference level, equalizer etc.) fit perfectly.


Everything you need to know about THX!
  • Is THX compatible with Dolby TRUE HD, Dolby Digital, DTS and DTS-HD?

    Absolutely! THX is a sound standard, Dolby and DTS are a sound format. THX systems reproduce studio-made soundtracks with absolute fidelity. Due to the high technical and sound requirements, the THX standard can be compared with the German TÜV for cinema sound.

  • Can THX speakers also be used to play games?

    Yes, because THX speakers offer very good spatiality and therefore the best location of sound objects. Hear exactly from which side your opponents are approaching. Thanks to the neutral tuning, all games sound balanced, fine-resolution and strong bass.

  • Can THX speakers also be used to listen to music?

    Of course. Because THX speakers are optimised for multi-channel sound, the front speakers provide a precisely staggered and highly detailed reproduction, while the surround speakers create a realistic spatial image. Both are also ideal prerequisites for the reproduction of music.

  • Do I need a THX AV receiver with my THX speakers?

    Not necessarily! However, the AV receiver should have a minimum output of 90 watts per channel and its output should match the output of the loudspeakers (amplifier sine wave output = approx. longterm load capacity of the loudspeaker). With a THX-AV receiver, however, there are still advantages. If the AV receiver runs in THX mode, many settings are automatically adopted.

  • Can I use THX speakers without a speaker cover?

    In principle yes - but we do not recommend it. Because, according to the THX requirements profile, the speakers are designed to achieve a linear frequency response and therefore their optimum reproduction quality when used WITH covers. When reproducing WITHOUT covers, unbalanced frequency response with amplified treble reproduction may be the result, so we advise against this mode.

  • What are the benefits of using THX with 5.1, 7.1 or Atmos soundtracks?

    Your home cinema system sounds more homogeneous and natural. Many films sound unnaturally sharp and bright when played back over a conventional hi-fi system. The voices of the actors are excellent even in loud action scenes.

  • How do I upgrade my THX system to 7.1 sound formats?

    Suitable individual speakers can be found in the Accessories and Speaker Components section. Please combine only speakers from the same series. You should mount dipoles on the wall.

THX® Facts

  • THX was founded by George Lucas (Star Wars, Indiana Jones) in 1983.
  • Lucas wanted to create a standard for sound reproduction in cinema films, as the results in different cinemas sometimes deviated greatly from the desired sound.
  • In 1996 the first Teufel loudspeaker received its THX certification.
  • Skywalker Sound (Lucasfilm Ltd.) uses a System 10 THX® Ultra 2™ to mix movie sound professionally.
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