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9 Products

About closed headphones

When the headphones are closed, the auricle is designed so that as little sound as possible escapes to the outside. There are closed headphones that rest on the ear and closed headphones that surround the ear with the auricle.

Advantages of closed headphones

The advantages of closed headphones are that the sound heard only penetrates slightly to the outside, while at the same time little sound can come in from the outside. Closed headphones are usually slightly heavier than open or semi-open headphones. They are mainly used in noisy environments. Due to the slightly larger design, larger diaphragms are usually also used, so closed headphones are usually louder and sound better than smaller in-ear headphones. Closed headphones have a slightly deeper, bass accentuated sound compared to open headphones. In the professional sector, e.g. in recording studios, closed headphones are often used as well.

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