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Innovation & Software Development


Good sound deserves good design. That's why we develop and design our products ourselves. Collaboration and interdisciplinary exchange are particularly important in this area in order to offer our Teufel fans holistic experiences that also meet our high-quality standards - from the electronics and acoustics to the product design and the user experience in our app.

Karriere - Team - Produktdesign - Ansgar

"The development of a holistic design strategy gives us many perspectives for shaping the Teufel brand in the long term."

Ansgar, Head of Industrial Design & Mechanical Design Engineering

"A total advantage is, of course, that as a direct distributor, we have a good connection and a short line to our customers. That means that if I want to conduct interviews, I can find these people very quickly."

Sarah, Senior User Research Manager

Karriere - Team - Software - Thomas

"We can experiment every fortnight in what we call Team Friday and also try out crazy ideas."

Thomas, Senior iOS Developer

"Together with the engineers, we design the products and technologies of the future here."

Marcel, Labor Developer

Karriere - Team - Hardware - Marcel
Teufel-Team Hardware

“Our acoustics team is highly focused on innovation, taking full advantage of an inspiring and challenging work environment.”

Massimo, Senior Akustik Ingenieur