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Waking up never sounded so good

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Why we love this product

There are lots of radio alarm clocks, but only one with HIFI audio. The RADIO ONE has finally arrived.

Key advantages at a glance

  • Stylish Bluetooth DAB/FM radio alarm clock with pleasant sound to fall asleep to & extensive alarm functions for a reliable and musical start to your day
  • The most powerful speaker in its class for the bedroom, children's room, or kitchen, lush acoustics from 2 full-range aluminium drivers supported by a large passive diaphragm, & integrated Dynamore® technology for simulated stereo sound
  • Easy to control even in the dark via a multifunction wheel and three assignable radio station buttons
  • Two separately adjustable alarm clocks with one-time, daily, weekday or weekend wake-up modes and configurable sleep timer (15 to 90 min)
  • Automatically or manually dimmable large time display
  • With four alarm tones designed by Teufel, including "Berlin," which pays homage to the bells of the Gedächtniskirche (Memorial Church)
  • Wake up gently to the sound of a radio station (DAB+/FM) or your favorite music from your smartphone via Bluetooth or AUX input.
  • Only AC power, removeable telescoping antenna, USB charging port, available in two colors
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"... big booms."
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Good morning sunshine

With the RADIO ONE, you'll look forward to getting out of bed in the morning. Dance your way through your morning routine with high fidelity audio.

Kickstart my heart

Had enough shrill beeping in the morning? Wake up to the sweet sounds of the RADIO ONE instead. With real stereo audio and balanced bass, early mornings never sounded so good.

Class-D amplifier
For clear sound with sustainable energy management.
Dimmable display
Our patented segment display provides maximum ease of reading.
Passive diaphragm
Comes equipped with a passive diaphragm in the back for fuller bass..
Wideband drivers
Heavy-duty full-range driver for low distortion levels.
Sturdy frame
Thick-walled plastic keeps vibrations in check.

A universe of sound with Dynamore®

Outfitted with our Berlin-developed Dynamore® Technology, the RADIO ONE delivers huge stereo sound in a compact package. And with the sleep timer, you can let yourself drift off into a relaxing sonic dreamscape without worry.

From Berlin with love

The RADIO ONE comes pre-programmed with four professionally designed alarm signals so you can start your day right. Choose from "Boost", "Yay Day," "Radiant," or "Berlin," inspired by the bells of the world-famous Gedächtniskirche. That way you can feel like you're smack dab in the beating heart of the German capital every morning when you wake up.

Radio morning star

The RADIO ONE offers you radio via DAB+ or FM. Save your three favorite channels to the station buttons and let your radio stay with you all day.

Online Radio via Bluetooth

Receive any radio station on your smartphone and play it on RADIO ONE via Bluetooth.

Digital radio for best reception quality. Additional information is shown on the display.


Digital radio for best reception quality. Additional information is shown on the radio's display.

Classic FM radio reception.

FM Radio

Classic FM radio reception.

Icon - Antenne

Integrated antenna

The telescoping antenna, located underneath the unit, is easy to pull out to provide you with the best quality signal.

More than an alarm clock

Practical input options make the RADIO ONE more versatile.


Use Bluetooth to stream from your smartphone to the RADIO ONE with apps like Apple Music or Amazon Music. The RADIO ONE will start from standby when it receives a signal.


You can also play music on the RADIO ONE via AUX cable.

Charge your smartphone

Charge your smartphone using the RADIO ONE's convenient USB port.

Control panel with multifunction wheel

Controlling the RADIO ONE is a cinch with the intuitive button and wheel interface. That way, you can change the settings even in the dark.

Wake me up...

Monday at eight, Saturday at eleven, no alarm sunday. Set RADIO ONE's alarms to your weekly routine with its configurable alarm modes and set which station should wake you up.

Two separate alarms

Multiple alarm modes ranging from one-time, daily, weekday or weekend only

Sleep timer presets from 15 to 90 mins

Wake up to DAB+/FM Radio or your own music

Start RADIO ONE with music from your smartphone via Bluetooth

Easy on the eyes

The RADIO ONE also gives your eyes a well-deserved break. The large-number display minimizes eye strain without being too bright. You can also dim it manually or automatically.

Stylish color options

The RADIO ONE is available in light gray or black.

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  • Description Item
    Width 24 cm
    Height 9 cm
    Depth 8 cm
    Weight 0.78 kg
  • Description Item
    AUX Yes
    Bluetooth 5.1 Yes
    Bluetooth Yes
  • Description Item
    Alarm Yes
    DAB+ Yes
    FM Yes
    Station memory positions 3
    Sleeptimer Yes
  • Description Item
    Total power output capacity (RMS) 20 W
  • Description Item
    Wide-band drivers (per enclosure) 2
    Wide-band driver (diameter) 55 mm
    Wide-band driver (material) Aluminium
    Passive radiator (total count) 1
    Passive radiator (width) 36 mm
    Passive radiator (length) 136 mm
    Frequency range 63 - 20000 Hz
    Acoustic principle 1-way-system
  • Description Item
    Dynamore® Yes



Logo - allesbeste.de
"... big booms."
Logo - allesbeste.de

"Teufel's Radio One was a latecomer to this test, but the best always comes at the end. However, categorizing it as a radio alarm clock doesn't quite do it justice because, while most of the competition is dipping its toes in the audio kiddie-pool, Teufel's radio alarm clock delivers one thing above all else: big booms."(translated from German)

Included components

  • 1 × RADIO ONE power supply – Black

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