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Raumfeld Stereo Cubes

Perfection squared

Color: Black


Raumfeld Cubes - Set

Why we love this product

These little cubes are the equivalent of an entire stereo system. Superior audio technology in real wooden enclosures powered by 160 watts reveal a whole new dimension of streaming sound: Transparent, powerful and accompanied by deep and precise bass.

Key advantages at a glance

  • Wi-Fi stereo speakers with award-winning sound
  • Double bass reflex system + 160 watts = plenty of power
  • The two identical speakers create an authentic stereo panorama
  • Multi-room enabled system with support for a wide range of audio files, including lossless
  • 2-way coaxial system for fine-resolution, highly precise sound imaging
  • Intuitive controls via free app for Android and iOS mobile devices
  • Energy saving standby mode uses less than 1 watt
Award - Goldenes Ohr - Raumfeld Stereo Cubes 1.Platz 2015
"Golden Ear 2015" <br>1st place in the category "Wireless Speakers"
Goldenes Ohr 2015
All test reviews
(4.32 of 5 out of 146)
All reviews

Expert reviews

Award - Goldenes Ohr - Raumfeld Stereo Cubes 1.Platz 2015
"Golden Ear 2015" <br>1st place in the category "Wireless Speakers"
Goldenes Ohr 2015
Award - Goldenes Ohr - Raumfeld Stereo Cubes 1.Platz 2015
Raumfeld & Teufel devices distinguished in the Video, Stereoplay and Audio reader’s choice awardsAt the start of 2015, all products tested during the previous year by the publications Video, Stereoplay and Audio were nominated for the acclaimed reader’s choice award.We’re very happy to report that the readers of these publications once again chose our products for multiple first and several second place awards. Among them were the Raumfeld Stereo Cubes which was awarded first place in the category “Wireless Speakers.”Translated from the original German.
Logo - TEchFruit
Logo - TEchFruit
Sound “[...] here is where Raumfeld really shines. The sound is clear and warm across the frequency range, comparing favourably with a mid-range separates setup. The bass is tight and snappy, making sure you can pick out every note in even the most intricate basslines, the middle is lively, and the top end stays clean and crisp.” Conclusion   “We were surprised quite how wonderful these speakers sounded, and at their price you would be very hard pushed to find an amp and speaker separates setup that could match them. The fact that they also offer WiFi streaming and connect to all the most popular music streaming services means that if you are in the market for a new audio setup on a budget then the Stereo Cubes should be near the top of your list.”
Tweak Stereo Cubes Sep.
Testbericht - Tweak - Editors Choice Tweak Stereo Cubes Sep.
I really don't have much to say here today. The Raumfeld Stereo Cubes are just the right music speaker for me, and anyone else looking for explicit and sharp quality sound and a solid bass for the designer living room. I am totally blown away by the Stereo Cubes and even though the price indeed are in the high end I actually find it reasonable. You really do get what you are paying for! I can't do anything else than give the speakers a score of 10 out of 10 and an Editors Choice Award. Pros:    • Incredibly nice and clean design    • Loads of effect; 160 watts in total    • Easy to use setup via mobile app    • Brilliant sound and nicely adjusted bass level    • Support for TuneIn and Spotify Connect    • Everything just fits perfectly!Cons:    • I can't really find anythingScore: 10 + Editors Choice Award
Trusted Reviews Recommended
Trusted Reviews
TrustedReviews Trusted Reviews Recommended
What are the Raumfeld Stereo Cubes?[...] They're a pair of cube-shaped speakers – one active, one passive – that deliver true stereo sound, which is unusual in the streaming speaker market. But an even bigger selling point is their ability to stream lossless audio formats like FLAC and WAV in their native form, without converting them to lower quality as some streamers do.Raumfeld Stereo Cubes – DesignMuch like fellow German audio brand Teufel – which acquired Raumfeld in 2010 and has won plenty of plaudits from Trusted Reviews over the years – Raumfeld’s goal is to deliver audiophile sound quality without the wallet-busting prices normally associated with high-end hi-fi, something it achieves by selling products direct to consumers through its website.And like its stable mate, Raumfeld places an emphasis on high-quality design, which means the Stereo Cubes are both attractive and beautifully made. The robust MDF cubed cabinets sport a tactile lacquered finish and thick rubber feet on the bottom to quell vibrations. At 195mm wide by 195mm deep, they're compact enough to sit on furniture or shelves without much upheaval. There’s something delightfully Teutonic about the stark styling, rigid lines and striking silk white finish, although if white's not your thing then they also come in black. The front is covered in black cloth with a silver-ringed mesh dome in the centre, behind which lurks a midrange driver and tweeter in a coaxial arrangement (the tweeter sits in the middle of the midrange driver).A sloping silver panel adorns the bottom of both speakers, but on the active (left) cube it plays host to the volume buttons. The left speaker also features an unlabelled on/off button and two small lights that indicate the power and system status. On the back of the left speaker you’ll find analogue stereo inputs to hook up devices the old fashioned way. If you connect an analogue source to these inputs, the integrated converter turns it into a digital signal that can be sent to other Raumfeld devices in a multiroom setup. You also get Ethernet and USB ports, the latter allowing you to play music from storage devices. Also on the back are reset and setup buttons, plus a 6.3mm output that sends audio to the Slave speaker using the supplied cable.Raumfeld Stereo Cubes – FeaturesThe master Stereo Cube contains the Wi-Fi module and two-channel Class D amplifier, which supplies 80W to each speaker. The speakers use a 28mm fabric tweeter and 130mm midrange driver in a two-way design, alongside a bass reflex system with two vents on the front of the speaker (which you can see if you remove the cloth grille).The Stereo Cubes support a wide range of audio formats, including MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, FLAC, OGG and ALAC, with support for sample rates up to 192kHz (provided your router has the necessary bandwidth) and gapless playback.You can play music stored in your Android or iOS device or stream it from PCs, NAS drives or other UPnP/DLNA music servers. At the time of writing, Spotify, WiMP, Napster Last.fm and TuneIn radio were available through the app, but Raumfeld is planning to incorporate other services in the future. [...]Raumfeld Stereo Cubes – Setup & OperationStreaming speakers can be a pain to set up compared with traditional hi-fi systems, but to Raumfeld’s credit the Stereo Cubes are relatively easy to install. You have to download Raumfeld’s app onto your smartphone before you start, which includes a helpful setup wizard that takes you through the process step-by-step.[…] the app itself is attractive and easy to use. Its clean, logical design and tile-based home screen make navigation a cinch. Operation is slick, and interaction with Spotify is seamless.Music is arranged into lists with artwork thumbnails at the side and different sorting options at the top. It even downloads pictures of the artists in your library, which is a nice touch. You can search your library by keyword and create playlists. Play a song and it expands to full screen with larger cover art and playback controls.The app also lets you configure multiroom playback, allowing you to assign different colours, rename speakers and tweak the EQ for each device. You can also swap the speaker channels, or make both play the same channel.Raumfeld Stereo Cubes – PerformanceRaumfeld offers an eight-week trial for all its products with a no-quibble returns policy if you’re not happy. But after hearing the Stereo Cubes in action we doubt you’ll take them up on it. The Cubes’ sound is deeply impressive, high on refinement and power with a pleasing balance across the frequency range.At the bottom end, bass is tight, propulsive and seamlessly integrated. Playing Dutch band Tristan’s 2nd Phase album on Spotify, the Cubes convey the funky, intricate basslines with astonishing agility, locking every pluck tightly to the drum beat. The groove has depth and heft but it’s not overpowering.That allows other elements of the music to shine through, such as the crisp brass licks and sparkling percussion. Cymbals crash and slide with impressive precision and clarity, without sounding forced or unnatural. We could pick out the rattling edge of every snare drum hit, and vocals have a pleasing tone. The single-point driver arrangement works well in this respect, resulting in a direct and focused sound. Detail clarity gets even better with hi-res music. We streamed a 96kHz/24-bit FLAC file of All Will Surely Burn by Sons of Kemet and the Raumfeld brings the extra detail to the fore, adding vigour to the drumming and a raspy texture to the meandering trumpet solos. The whole thing has a live, in-the-room feel.And with two Cubes providing a stereo stage, imaging is terrific. Instruments are clearly and accurately organised within the track’s spacious stereo landscape, making sense of the complicated production. The speakers have enough puff to fill a large room, which will serve you well during parties, although they do lose some of their composure when you turn the volume up loud. […]Should I buy the Raumfeld Stereo Cubes?With their stark, eye-catching German design and polished sound quality, the Stereo Cubes are an impressive streaming proposition. Hi-res support and multiroom functionality will win them plenty of fans, while the true stereo setup steals a march on similarly priced mono systems.The price may look steep on paper, but it’s fairly reasonable considering how much some companies would charge for a system of this calibre. [...]VerdictWireless technology meets stark German design in Raumfeld’s impressive streaming system, which boasts high production values and a polished performance.
Logo - Connected Home
Connected Home
Logo - Connected Home
Test result: Very good Price / performance: Very good
Testbericht - Best of HiFi - Hifitest 2015
"These graceful streaming loudspeakers combine the faultless functionality of Raumfeld’s streaming architecture with the loudspeaker know-how of Teufel."
HiFi Test Magazine
Logo - Hifi Test Testbericht - Best of HiFi - Hifitest 2015 Testbericht - Hifi Test Highlight 01/2015
"These graceful streaming loudspeakers combine the faultless functionality of Raumfeld’s streaming architecture with the loudspeaker know-how of Teufel. In this way, one’s own music collection as well as plenty of entertainment from the worldwide web can be directly accessed by the loudspeaker. The result is fine sound with simple and convenient operation.”
Testbericht - Audio Video Foto Bild - Stereo M/Cubes 01/15
"sets new standards in terms of fine resolution"
Audio Video Foto Bild
Logo - Audio Video Foto Bild Testbericht - Audio Video Foto Bild - Stereo M/Cubes 01/15
 [O]ffer [...] authentic stereo sound that sets new standards in terms of fine resolution. The elegant Raumfeld system doesn’t just play a bit in the background, it’s wonderfully suited for concentrated music enjoyment.“ With an overall grade of 2.24, the Raumfeld Cubes achieved third place in a comparison test of 11 Wi-Fi loudspeakers.
Logo - hifitest.de
Logo - hifitest.de
"Along with all other Raumfeld streaming speakers, the Cube[s] are able to grab just about any music file released on a home network. There are no compatbility issues here.“ "[T]he strength of the Raumfeld system lies in its well thought-out design, the truly advanced multi-room functions (with clients that are served absolutely synchronously) and the intelligent management of network resources for an uncomplicated expansion of the system.” "[B]oth of the coax drivers playback with precision, and the level stability of these speakers is truly formidable. These two speakers are really a lot of fun, thanks to the app as well as the functionality and sound. For modern people who anyway only listen to digital music files and streams, they present an especially interesting concept.” Conclusion "In spite of an ever-increasing range, the Teufel Raumfeld Cubes offer a space-saving solution without compromising on style in any way. And the Cubes are not simply attractive – they are also easy to control. Combined with first-class sound, they amount to a real alternative to hi-fi towers.”
Testbericht - HiFi Digital - Raumfeld Stereo Cubes Preis/Leistung sehr gut
"Intuitively controlled streaming loudspeakers with a balanced, three-dimensional sound."
Komplettanlage Digital Testbericht - HiFi Digital - Raumfeld Stereo Cubes Preis/Leistung sehr gut

"The Cubes are equipped with a 2-way loudspeaker system in a coaxial arrangement. [They have] a standby switch at their disposal that reduces energy consumption to a commendable level of much less than one watt.” "In our listening room, the Cubes above all impressed us with their amazing three-dimensionality. [...] Tonally, both pairs [The Raumfeld Speaker L and the Raumfeld Cubes] play as if cast from a single mold. This is especially important with multiroom applications. For their tiny enclosure, they sound […]  astoundingly powerful and even reach good depths with their bass. […] "While setting up our test chain across two listening rooms and an office, we were able to appreciate how well thought out and developed the Raumfeld concept works: Armed with many intelligent and detailed solutions and a self-explanatory setup, we were quickly able to get the system in working order [...]. This system not only offers exceptional sound, but is great when it comes to handling.” Conclusion: "Intuitively controlled streaming loudspeakers with a balanced, three-dimensional sound. [...] An open system architecture means it works with practically every network.“

Testbericht Logo - iTeufel Air
"The high-performance amplifier and coaxial arrangement of the drivers allow the Cube to deliver a harmonious performance especially in respect to dimensionality"
Area DVD
Area DVD Testbericht Logo - iTeufel Air
"[...] Different music in each room or the same music in all rooms in party-mode - thanks to multiroom technology, both are possible. The Cube is, of course, compatible with other Raumfeld devices. [...] The Raumfeld Cube’s enclosure is made from MDF with a matte white lacquer finish. The lacquer is evenly and smoothly applied, the corners of the enclosure are slightly rounded. [...] Grilles cover the front, but expose the tweeter, giving the Cube and chic and modern design. The tweeter is naturally also covered by a grille to protect against bumbs, but one made from metal. [...] The Raumfeld App is used to configure the system and will guide you through the setup of the new Raumfeld speakers in three steps. [...] The Ramfeld App allows you to access your entire music library and play it in various [...] rooms in your home. [...] Sound [Test with “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk] The Cubes start out with energy and dynamics and construct a very good stereo image. The impression is especially positive with regards to extensivity and dimensionality. We’ve also discovered that the Raumfeld speakers create a solid foundation and offer a lot of potential in the lower range. The mids are clean with pleasant and distinctive voice reproduction. [...] The Raumfeld Cubes played the ablum "True North“ by Bad Religion at 24-bit/88.2 kHz. We were again surprised by how well both of these little squares reproduced the drums. Clearly, more structure and volume would be possible; but in spite of this, the Raumfeld speakers bring across a very natural sound and won us over with their excellent dimensionality. [Test "The Whisper" by Sikk] The track started off with a deep and heavy bass that shouldn’t be played at the maximum level on the compact Raumfeld speakers. Still, they achieve a more than acceptable level with a dry and crisp lower range. The kick also comes across with a rich sound and adds to an authentic total impression. [...] Conclusion The Raumeld Cube stereo speakers have a perfect square shape and chic, modern design with solid workmanship. Every the materials – matte lacquer with aluminium elements - lend the speakers an attractive appearance in spite of the not-too-high price of 499 EUR. The high-performance amplifier and coaxial arrangement of the drivers allow the Cube to deliver a harmonious performance especially in respect to dimensionality and an even tone quality at any volume. [...] While with many manufacturers, it would be better to have a degree in network administration, configuration and setup with the help oft he Raumfeld App was a breeze."
Testbericht - Fairaudio - Raumfeld Cubes
"A very subtle exterior belies the many functions as well as the full-bodied sound of Teufel’s Raumfeld Cube."
Testbericht - Fairaudio - Raumfeld Cubes
"When it comes to setup, flexibility, graphic interface, in short: "user experience“ – I can attest to the following regarding the Cube as well as the accompanying RaumfeldApp: Everything works well and intuitively, even without special networking knowledge.In addition: The line-in (stereo cinch on the side of the Cube) as well as the A/D converter can be used to transmit digital signals to other Raumfeld devices. This means that even [...] vinyl can be streamed, it even looks nice on a shelf.The first impression made by the Cube: Fresh and punchy playback! [...] The Raumfeld Cubes can really rock. The books were vibrating on the shelves! [...] When it comes to the upper frequencies, the Cubes are pleasantly restrained and mature [...] The Raumfeld Cubes have plenty of power and render energetic, powerful playback even at volumes well above normal without distortion or unpleasantly harsh tones.[Test song: "Fade to Grey“]  The Raumfeld Cube built up the song dynamically and brought out [...]  the tonal nuances. Even the stereo image, with sound sources that ping-ponged back and forth within the panorama, succeeded in being clean and stabile.[Test song: "Blue Ridge Mountains“] I was again surprised by how clean and refined the stereo image was. [...][Test concert: Shostakovich, piano concert no. 2][...] Absolute goose bump inducing objects! I was amazing by how richly and cleanly the Cubes were able to create the illusion of an orchester in the room. [...]  Good fun.Test Conclusion: Raumfeld CubeTeufel‘s Raumfeld Cube system is an extremely flexible, practical and still amazingly great-sounding solution for multiroom sound.  A very subtle exterior belies the many functions as well as the full-bodied sound of Teufel’s Raumfeld Cube. Setup and connections are child’s play and the app impresses with its functionality, structure, intuitive features, and good design. The sound is especially impressive thanks to a clean and extensive playback and a successfully balanced tone. […]"Translated from the original German.

Included components

Raumfeld Stereo Cubes
  • 1 × Raumfeld Stereo Cube - Slave (Stk.) – Black
  • 1 × power cable for Raumfeld Cubes – Black
  • 1 × speaker cable (3 m) for Raumfeld Cube – Black
  • 1 × Rubber feet for Raumfeld Stereo Cubes
  • 1 × Raumfeld Stereo Cube - Master – Black
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes - Outline [SVG]