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Double Trouble

Color: Black


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The set includes an XLR cable and two ROCKSTER AIRs, each with a rechargeable battery and a power cable.


Bluetooth DJ

Why we love this product

What could be better than the sound of one AIR? Only two of them in stereo, of course! This bundle offers everything you could ever need to create big stereo sound in large spaces up to 100 m² (depending on volume and number of partygoers). Comes complete with many connection options and integrated batteries.

Bluetooth DJ

Key advantages at a glance

  • Bundle consists of 2 x ROCKSTER AIR and 10 m XLR cable for stereo sound in larger spaces
  • The ROCKSTER AIR is a portable XL Bluetooth speaker with an integrated high-performance battery and carrying strap
  • Integrated light-up 4-channel mixer and tone control, plus remote control
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with apt-X® for wireless transmission in CD quality from Spotify, YouTube etc.
  • Connections for microphone, instruments (e.g. electric guitar) and line-in, stereo setup with a second ROCKSTER AIR or ROCKSTER possible
  • Sophisticated design and a wide sound stage ensures the best sound quality even for large parties
  • Integrated power bank and auto on-off function, mains and battery operation both possible, battery status is displayed
  • Carrying strap included, can also be placed on speaker stands
The set includes an XLR cable and two ROCKSTER AIRs, each with a rechargeable battery and a power cable.
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"...a seriously good speaker and a versatile PA"
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Great sound on the go

Take high-fidelity sound wherever you go with the ROCKSTER AIR's long-lasting battery and carrying strap.
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A powerhouse of sound

Party in the subway, karaoke in the park or playing electric guitar on a rooftop. With this portable sound machine, unforgettable parties in extraordinary places are no longer just a dream. With thrilling sound and volumes up to a whopping 112 dB, the ROCKSTER AIR is sure to captivate any audience.

4 bass reflex ports
4 bass reflex ports for more diaphragm response and precise bass sound
Horn tweeter
Borrowed from the world of professional audio, this driver provides exquisite sound even in large concert halls and stadiums
Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ ROCKSTER AIR
The generously sized woofer means you'll always have plenty of bass up your sleeve
Voice coil
Perfect for longer listening sessions

The world's a stage

Whether you want to play music from a phone, laptop, electric guitar or microphone - the ROCKSTER AIR has the right connections to get any party bumpin'.

Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ ROCKSTER AIR

Bluetooth: high fidelity wireless audio

Our products provide clean, stable Bluetooth connection with minimal power consumption at ranges from 10 meters and up.

Windows compatible

Stream music, movies, or games from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC or Mac.

All operating systems supported.

Perfectly synced

The sound and video always match whether you're gaming or watching TV.

Bluetooth aptX

Qualcomm aptX

Qualcomm aptX is a Bluetooth codec which, similar to AAC, delivers CD-quality audio wirelessly. Both sending and receiving device must support this codec in order to use it. AptX is supported by Android devices as well as Mac OS.

Your party - your mix

The 4-channel mixer supports up to four inputs you can mix to create the perfect sound for your party. Bass and treble equalizers give you the ultimate control for every song and genre. With LED rings on each control knob, you’ll never miss a beat even when the lights go out. The transparent cover protects against rain and dirt.

Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ ROCKSTER AIR Bedienung

BIG AIR - a wall of bass sound

If you really want to make a big entrance, two ROCKSTER AIRs can be paired for stereo sound. People will be banging their heads as soon as you reach the parking lot.

Teufel Bluetooth Verst?rker DJ ROCKSTER AIR Stereo

Party animal

The ROCKSTER AIR is tough enough to stand up to even the hardest of parties. Its impact resistant edges can take all the nicks and bumps it might experience during transportation. Its water-resistant base mean that spilled drinks and wet grass won’t spoil the fun. The control panel cover keeps the knobs and buttons safe from prying fingers and flying objects. The comfortable carrying strap fits on any shoulder. Simply put – the ROCKSTER AIR was made to party.

Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ ROCKSTER AIR
Comfortable, sturdy carrying strap
Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ ROCKSTER AIR
Reinforced edges
Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ ROCKSTER AIR
Water-resistant base – swimming pool approved
Teufel Bluetooth Verstärker DJ ROCKSTER AIR
Fits on PA stands
Teufel Rockster AIR Bluetooth Abdeckung
Cover: weather-proof

    I've got the power

    To provide sensational long-lasting sound, the ROCKSTER AIR comes equipped with a secret weapon  - an AGM battery with extremely long runtime and zero maintenance. The ROCKSTER AIR just keeps playing and playing... and playing.


    Up to 30 hours

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    ROCKSTER AIR Bluetooth Verstärker DJ Schwarz von Teufel


    With this portable audio powerhouse, unforgettable parties in extraordinary places are no longer just a dream. With thrilling sound and volumes up to a whopping 112 dB, the ROCKSTER AIR is sure to captivate any audience.

    • Description Item
      Width 38 cm
      Height 46 cm
      Depth 28.5 cm
      Weight 14.5 kg
    • Description Item
      XLR output 1
      Analogue inputs 3
      3.5mm stereo in 1
      Stereo jack 6.3mm - in 1
      XLR microphone input 1
      Bluetooth Yes
      Bluetooth aptX Yes
      Microphone jack 3,5mm - in 1
      XLR input 1
    • Description Item
      Android Yes
      iOS Yes
      Microsoft Yes
    • Description Item
      Battery life at medium volume 30 h
      Battery type Fleece
      Power supply voltage 230 V
      Automatic on/off Yes
      Powerbank Yes
      Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
      Standby-Function Yes
      DJ mixer Yes
      Total power output capacity (RMS) 72 W
      Amplifier configuration 1.1
      Amplifier technology Class D
      Amplifier channels 2
    • Description Item
      Cabinet material Plastic, MDF
      Cabinet surface Matte, lacquered
      Net internal volume 21 L
      Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
      Tweeter (diameter) 25 mm
      Tweeter (material) Tweeter horn
      Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
      Woofer (diameter) 250 mm
      Woofer (material) cellulose
      Frequency range 50 - 20000 Hz
      Maximum sound pressure level 112 dB/1m
      Acoustic principle 2-way-system
      Enclosure type Bass reflex

    10.0 m cordial XLR cable

    • Description Item
      Cable length 10 m



    fblogo routenote
    "...a seriously good speaker and a versatile PA"
    fblogo routenote
    A portable speaker packing the power of a live rock gig and up to 30 hours of battery life makes the Rockster Air a seriously good speaker and a versatile PA you wouldn’t expect. With the Rockster Air, Teufel have created a speaker rig that blows your expectations of what a portable Bluetooth speaker can do out of the water. A sleek and simple design contrasts it’s powerful sound which results in a speaker that can fill the biggest of rooms whilst never looking out of place. […] When you first turn the speaker on will light the LEDs which circle the speaker’s volume knobs. The red LEDs, blue for Bluetooth, lighting up the rig give you a visual indication of the gain for each input and the master volume. It doesn’t just look good but also means that you know what you’re doing no matter how dark it is, perfect for a big party or a vibey gig. You have control over your master volume and the levels for the bass and treble which are both surprisingly versatile when it comes to getting your perfect EQ – and the bass from this speaker is always sublime whether pumped to the max or dipped for subtlety with 4 reflex tubes concentrating the sound coming from the giant woofer built into the Rockster Air. The speaker also comes with a remote so you can control the levels and EQ from afar. […] Teufel have created a pretty special speaker which combines simplicity with raw power and results in a rough and ready speaker which fits perfectly into various musical situations whether it be performance, listening to tunes, or absolutely going for it at a rave. With an incredible battery life and its versatility of use it makes the perfect busking companion but will appeal to anyone looking for a giant sound that they can take with them.

    Included components

    ROCKSTER AIR Stereo Paar
    • 2 × ROCKSTER AIR – Black
      • 1 × Power cable – Black
      • 1 × ROCKSTER AIR battery – Black
      • 1 × Remote Control for ROCKSTER AIR – Black
    • 1 × 10.0 m cordial XLR cable – Black
    Bluetooth DJ ROCKSTER AIR Lieferumfang
    The set includes an XLR cable and two ROCKSTER AIRs, each with a rechargeable battery and a power cable.

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