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Good values sound better for longer.

What's important to us
at Teufel.

As a company with over 320 employees, we are aware of our social responsibility. We are actively committed to social interaction, diverse work culture and the careful use of environmental resources. Regardless of the issue at stake, we regularly question our actions and examine how we as a company can become even better in this area.

  • All German Teufel offices and stores are supplied with real green electricity. This means that our electricity provider generates electricity from 100% renewable energy from independent plants.
  • We work mostly paperless and share our ideas digitally. When we print something in our Berlin offices, we use recycled paper. We're also gradually replacing the user manuals in our product packaging with digital versions for download.
  • From now on, we sell or ship our products in a printed shipping box only - no additional retail packaging is required. In this way, we want to save resources. This applies to all our new products.
  • We changed the inner protection in the packaging to a more environmentally friendly material. This material is more recyclable and therefore more sustainable than styrofoam. Unfortunately, our heavier products, such as floor-standing loudspeakers, are an exception to this. Here, due to the requirements for transport protection, we still have to rely on foams and polystyrene, but we want to use them as efficiently and minimally as possible.

Friends for life

Teufel products aim to provide the best sound today, tomorrow and many days after.

For our products, we focus on value so that you can enjoy them for a long time.

CSR - Slider Leder

Synthetic leather and robust, tough material guarantee quality, environmentally-friendly products with a long lifetime.

CSR - Slider Gummi

Many loudspeakers are disposed of because after years the bead, which is the rubber lip on the edge of the membrane, has become porous. That's not the case with Teufel. Highly flexible rubber lets good sound live longer.

CSR - Slider Rueckgabe

Within the consumer electronics industry, Lautsprecher Teufel is one of the companies with the lowest return rate. This saves energy and conserves resources.

    Diversity inspires

    Diversity helps Teufel to understand the bigger picture.

    The Teufel family is bold, open and diverse. This allows us to receive creativity in all forms. The only thing that matters is that we are all united by our love of good sound and the courage to question conventions in order to change things for the better.

    The members of the Teufel family come from 17 nations.

    We employ people aged between 20 and 60, which creates exciting synergies.

    Who you love is not important to us, we are only interested in your passion for good sound.