Ultima 20 Surround "5.1-Set"

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Ultima 20 Surround "5.1-Set"

Get your heartbeat racing

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Colour: Black
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Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 20 Mk3

Why we love this product

The Ultima 20 Surround is the little sister of the Ultima 40 Surround, and performs just as well in smaller rooms of up to 30 m². The set is compact and discreet, and can be placed on shelves, the wall or stands.

Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 20 Mk3

Key advantages at a glance

  • 5.1 home cinema system featuring the compact Ultima 20 Hi-Fi bookshelf speakers
  • Home cinema, music and gaming playback in superior quality with impressive sound immersion and precise location
  • Compact 2-way Ultima 20 shelf speakers for front and rear use
  • Large 25 mm tweeter with phase plug and waveguide for detailed and spatial playback
  • Powerful subwoofer, can be used either front- or down-firing, optional wireless control
  • Centre speaker with two mid-range drivers in MTM configuration
  • Expandable to a 7.1- or Dolby Atmos set with Teufel Reflekt speakers
  • Compatible with all AV receivers, suitable for placement on stands, shelves or wall mounting
(4.79 of 5 out of 39)
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Included components

  • 4× red rubber feets (4pcs.) for UL 20/40 Mk3 18
  • 1× Centre speaker UL 40 C Mk3 18
  • 1× T 8 Subwoofer
Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 20 Heimkino 5.1 Surround Mk3


  • Stereo-Lautsprecher Ultima 40 Mk3 C Center-Lautsprecher Schwarz von Teufel

    Centre speaker UL 40 C Mk3 18

    • Description Item
      Width 42.00 cm
      Weight 5.70 kg
      Height 16.90 cm
      Miscellaneous Tiefe mit Schutzgitter: 17,1 cm Tiefe mit Schutzgitter und Wandhalter:18,5 cm
      Depth 15.90 cm
    • Description Item
      Terminal clamps Schraubklemmen, vergoldet
    • Description Item
      Suitable for banana plug Yes
      Maximum cable diameter 4.00 mm
      Tweeter (number per enclosure) 1
      Tweeter (diameter) 25.00 mm
      Tweeter (material) Gewebe
      Bass/Midrange driver (number per enclosure) 2
      Bass/Midrange driver (diameter) 130.00 mm
      Bass/Midrange driver (material) Kevlar/Fiberglas mit verchromten Phase Plug
      Continuous power handling (IEC - Long Term) 100 Watt
      Sensitivity (2.83 V / 1 m) 88 dB
      Frequency range from/to 90 - 20.000 Hz
      Peak power capacity (IEC - Short Term) 150 Watt
      Maximum sound pressure level 107 dB/1m
      Impedance 4-8 Ohm
    T 8 Subwoofer Bass Schwarz von Teufel

    T 8 Subwoofer

    High-end active subwoofer, can be used either front- or down-firing

    • Description Item
      Width 31.10 cm
      Weight 11.00 kg
      Height 42.30 cm
      Miscellaneous Abmessungen im Frontfire Setup: Höhe 37,3 cm; Breite: 31,1 cm, Tiefe 42,3 cm
      Depth 38.00 cm
    • Description Item
      Cinch input 1
      Miscellaneous Suitable for installation directly on the wall
    • Description Item
      Power supply voltage 230 volts
      Automatic on/off Yes
      Maximum power consumption 100 watt
      Mains lead fixed Yes
      Safety class 2
      Fuse Yes
      Storage for settings when disconnected Yes
      Standby-Function Yes
      Standby-Power consumption watt
      Bass boost/EQ Yes
      Input gain adjustment Yes
      Frequency regulator (range) 37 - 200 Hz
      Level control Yes
      Phase control Yes
      Miscellaneous Can be used either front- or down-firing
      Lowest frequency (-3 dB) 37 Hz
      Wireless Subwoofer Yes
      Power output capacity impulse (peak) Bass 100 W
      Amplifier configuration 1.0
      Amplifier technology Class-D
      Amplifier channels 1
      Miscellaneous Can be wirelessly controlled
      Subwoofer Yes
    • Description Item
      Suitable for AV receiver Yes
      Acoustic principle 1-Way-System
      Equalisation openings 1
      Downfire Yes
      Frontfire Yes
      Enclosure type Bass reflex
      Enclosure material MDF
      Enclosure surface Matte coated
      Miscellaneous Reflection channel in DPU technology avoids flow noises, stable MDF housing structure with internal bracing
      Integrated stand Yes
      Woofer (number per enclosure) 1
      Woofer (diameter) 200.00 mm
      Woofer (material) Aluminium
      Frequency range from/to 35-210 Hz
      Maximum sound pressure level 111 dB/1m

Expert reviews

Product Ratings
(4.79 of 5 out of 39)
Perfect sound for an imperfect listening situation
Our living room is far from perfect, L-shaped, with corners, not right-angled and doors and shelves where you don't need them at all from a home cinema point of view. So it was clear from the start that the Ultima 40 floorstanding speakers wouldn't fit in our room, and so we opted for the Ultima 20 set.But despite the unfavourable listening situation, the Ultima 20 do a great job. I can finally enjoy surround sound (the previous system was still equipped with 2.0 speakers from the 90s) and thanks to the subwoofer, even the lowest frequencies finally come into their own. Not to mention that the Ultima 20s look Teufelishly good!
Very nice speakers with mega sound
The speakers not only look great, the sound is mega, my living room has 20 square metres and the speakers are more than sufficient, an absolutely good sound image. The highs come across clearly, just like the mids and lows, totally balanced.
Price / performance is more than top.quality a dream :)Shipping problem-free and 3 working days after ordering with me.
(automatically translated *)
Top loudspeaker
I am more than satisfied. TOP price-performance ratio. Beautiful design.
(automatically translated *)
Best sound
The system was installed in a 50 m2 room to support a beamer. Best sound for all events.
(automatically translated *)
A very good ...
... 5.1 loudspeaker set, which can also be expanded. I am completely satisfied with the sound. The price is reasonable for this set. I can recommend these speakers with a clear conscience.
(automatically translated *)
Very impressive
Workmanship:The speakers are very well made. Deviations and gaps from one speaker to the next are practically imperceptible. I bought the set in white. I don't use the front covers that come with the speakers. Sound: The whole system works very well together. The subwoofer complements the missing bass range of the bookshelf speakers unobtrusively (if the phasing is right, my amplifier offers a corresponding correction here, that was important). The highs are pronounced but not obtrusive. The transition between treble and mid-range is a little over-emphasised for my taste, here I lowered my amplifier by about 2db. What really convinced me is that the sound sources literally detach themselves from the speakers and spread out in the room. A singer who is supposed to come from the centre can also be heard there (phantom centre). You never have the feeling that the source is "trapped" in the speaker. Very nice and for me the reason to keep this system and send the rest back.
Super quality, top sound
The speakers have a top sound that is second to none! The subwoofer makes everything shake, has so much power that you can't turn it up all the way or the neighbours will start knocking! I can only recommend them to anyone who wants home cinema and also wants to listen to music properly!
Great set
and strong. It will work well in a larger living room. The speakers in the picture of the set look small, but in fact they are quite large and heavy. You can't hang them on hooks on the wall - a dedicated stand or some kind of shelf is useful. Suitable for both movies and music. The sound has its characteristics quite emphasized - just right for me. The subwoofer requires good setting and adjustment - I am not a fan of rumbling during music, hence I automatically turned it down a bit, but during films it can thump where it needs to. P
Super quality and great sound
Teufelo,I use the Ultima 20 Surround 5.1 set with a Denon AV-RX2700 and am completely satisfied. The Sount is absolutely great. Both with films and with classical and modern music. Together with the wall brackets for the 4 speakers (2 on the left and 2 on the right), they can also be mounted optimally.I am completely satisfied.
* Automatically translated by DeepL